Welcome to the Ions Pharmacy Ltd.

We are leading experts from in the field of Pharmaceutical Business Development. Our goal is ensuring no patient shall be denied access to high quality & affordable medicine and support.

Ions Pharmacy Limited was founded in 1997 and quickly became world's best quality manufacturer of generic drugs.
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We received information our costumers receive fake e-mail messages that claims to be us. E-mail address seems to be our official, but it's only easy fraud trick - they can send fake e-mails, but not receive, so You can easily verify the message by writing to our e-mail address.

Our only official adddresses are contact@ionspharmacy.com and ionspharmacy@protonmail.com.

Example fake message:
"Dear Sir

Subject: Ions Pharmacy Ltd
Thank you for your interest in Ions Pharmacy Ltd products.
For any supplementary information please contact one of our authorised
wholesaler for the European market: NordicMed@protonmail.com

New bulk price for TrebolE
Trenbolone enanthate - 200mg/mL
10amps x 1ml

With best regards
Export Executive Sherly Justine